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Our team: sales experience times 25
Without exception, the 25 members of our team have gained their practical experience in sales and sales management. Only professionals such as our trainers who have really worked intensively on the customer front can convey to others the essence and simplicity of successful sales. This includes unconditional appreciation of the participants as equals, but with the decisive advantage of training experience, methods and tools. That is why our efforts on behalf of our clients are always goal-oriented, convincing and motivating, leading to an immediate sense of achievement, which quickly has an impact on sales results. This is what we all stand for:

This is the basis for the sustainable positive results and motivation of your employees. For, they now are no longer just along for the ride, but are traveling together towards a common goal.

How We operate

ndividuality. We address each project and each company individually. As a result, aside from our proven, goal-oriented procedure, there are no patent solutions. Our concepts are based on precise analyses. The focus lies on the results the customer desires, but also every step along the way should make sense for everyone involved.


ractical approach. We focus on real life sales culture and the needs of the various internal and external participants. Activities should be able to be immediately implemented, both in the medium and the long term. This includes instantly measurable successes in each project that provide motivation for the future.


xperience. Our experience-based knowledge is a major factor for successful projects. Knowledge gleaned from many different projects over the years helps to avoid typical mistakes at the outset and quickly overcome stumbling blocks.


conomic efficiency. Our focus is always on spending the minimum to generate the maximum return for our customers. “You don’t have to do everything that you could do – instead, focus on what really gets results.“


ried and tested methods. What we introduce and implement is based on practical and expert knowledge. We work methodically, making goals transparent and every step towards them comprehensible so that employees recognize the inherent purpose and buy in. This includes individualized measurement of results and a clearly understandable documentation, which allow us to ensure our successes can be recreated.


onviction.We turn projects down if we consider the objectives out of reach, and provide clear reasons for our decision.
We carry out all projects that we accept with enthusiasm and complete identification with the respective client company. Our working relationship is defined by a friendly, clear and supportive attitude.

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Our milestones
Since our founding in 2000, we have developed unique and excellent training and consulting concepts. Whether you are an SME or corporate group, together we make your sales better.
Founding of Sickel-Team
In 2000, Sickel-Team was founded in Cologne by consultant and trainer Christian Sickel. Since then, Sickel-Team has grown into one of Germany’s leading sales training companies.
Development of Hands on Coaching®
Successfully overcoming critical situations strengthens the belief in our own abilities. To bring about such feelings of success, we must attribute these successes to our own abilities. Hands On Coaching® supports people in mastering critical situations on their own and to identify competence in themselves.
Development of Conlivery®
Conlivery® is a success-oriented method developed by Christian Sickel consisting of practical consulting and reliable result measurement in real time.
What motivates us
Our training and trainers are regularly given top ratings. Concepts that we develop are honored with customer awards. Our Vodafone Sales Academy leads to significant increases in performance among participants and has become an important success factor in retail.

Top Trainings Award


Founder of Vodafone Sales Academy
About Christian Sickel
Christian Sickel
CEO Sickel-Team

Whenever “sales” are mentioned in corporate circles, Christian Sickel’s name is always at the top of the list of specialists and consultants. Renowned domestic and international clients rely on his experience and unerring opinion. His creativity in sales is truly one of a kind.

Christian Sickel is a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, having experienced first-hand everything to do with sales at multinational companies such as Rank Xerox and Nixdorf. He can look back on 20 years of sales experience, countless awards and consistently coming in among the top three in sales rankings.

Since 1999, Christian Sickel has been providing his customers with sustained support in significantly increasing their sales productivity, turnover and earnings. He has an eye for the simplicity of success and the key factors involved.

Get ready to achieve results that you would never have expected!