Sales Development

Consistent. Successful. Continuous.


Sustainable successful sales development harmonizes the entire sales system and permanently removes paralyzing brakes in the system. We focus on the people and ensure simplicity and convincing clarity; So convincing that the spark is ignited for salespeople and customers!

In this way we maximize your sales success, increase the employee self-motivation and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, which also works for you as a hidden sales team!

Verkaufstraining und Führungskräftecoaching


In three steps, we turn your sales into simply good sales — without overcomplicated methodologies and extensive specialist work:

– ENABLE: We find out what has been holding your sales team back and what can inspire them.

– SETTLE: We implement possible, measurable, and practical changes in your system.

– HANDOVER: We make sure that from now on you can practice Simply Good Sales without us.


Development from product sales to solution sales

Banking Automation

Who are the buyers in the companies we will have to speak to in the future? How do we change our sales approach so that customers perceive us as a solution provider for managed services, e-commerce, etc.?
Thanks to the easy-to-use Sickel & Team tools which deconstruct a complex sales world, management and sales “clicked” and in the first year of “rethinking and acting differently”, 100 million more solution sales were generated when compared to the same quarter of the previous year. To this end, we held workshops with all executives and their sales teams on the future approach to the market. Implementation was ensured by coaching the executives and conducting short “deep dives” with the teams: They exchanged experiences, shared best practices and, of course, celebrated their successes!

“When it’s simple, it’s more likely to click.”

Success through the best consulting

Favourites in optometry

Optics is a business that requires a lot of consultation, but often people only give explanations instead of advice. Being able to explain the function of different progressive lenses does not only mean being able to translate the advantages into the customer’s world of thought and benefit. Over a period of four years, we have taught 3,500 employees (regional management and sales) per year how to switch from “an optician’s view” to “a customer’s view” with this training and coaching series. Continuous implementation was ensured by Sickel & Team Coaches when visiting every branch. In addition to the change in perspective, many usable sales and consulting tools were taught to achieve better results to become the customers’ favourite optician in the future. This led to an increase in customer satisfaction from 5 to 9 points.

“Simply change your perspective and understand the other person.”

Leading people, not numbers


Too often, leadership in sales is all about numbers. This creates pressure and the joy of working with customers is lost. The manager becomes a kind of helpless “drill instructor”.
Especially in telesales, this pressure is enormous. A change can only be achieved if employees are seen and treated as people again and not as number crunchers. With a clear training structure and individualized content, we showed managers how to motivate their teams again in the long term and thus increase sales figures. The solution is simple once you know it, but before ability comes self-awareness, and that’s where we step in.

In meetings with managers, managers and their teams, and individual coaching sessions, the managers were able to identify what they could and wanted to change, resulting in employees who are 26% above the target before even speaking to them about sales. And they now enjoy their work again!

“You can’t manage numbers, but you can manage people. It’s as simple as that.”

“Help, our customers are dwindling!”


The fact that the customer base disappears in many industries is not new, nor is the fact that every company can counteract this. This must be tackled proactively, retroactively.
We showed sales staff and their managers how to get out of their comfort zone and actively approach commercial and private customers with easy-to-implement tools.
To ensure long-term success, we set up a quality and goal management system for the managers and showed them how to communicate goals positively and maintain motivation in the long term.
With a 24.7% increase in new admissions, the question of success no longer arises.

“It gets easy once you make it simple.”

We even win against undercutters!

Crane construction

How can a leading global crane manufacturer justify to its customers a price difference of up to 25% for the “same” product?
The only thing that can help here is a simple but comprehensive reorganization of the sales approach and a drastic change in the company’s image.
Starting with the question, “How should our customers perceive us?”, they quickly realized that they are seen as a supplier. Their own sales process begins when customers have already defined the decision criteria and parameters for the solution. Of course, the price plays a decisive role.
In several workshops and coaching sessions, we have supported and encouraged managers and sales engineers to get involved in their customers’ procurement process earlier. They were also asked to talk to other people in the customer’s company to recognize their real role, uncover the motives and decision criteria, and to create individual benefit arguments.
The result: Shorter sales cycles because they have their sales process “under control”, and significantly more projects won.

“Changing a supplier to a friend in business is simple once you know how.”

From one-hit-wonder to long-running hit


Every person in the personnel development department will have heard that individual training campaigns quickly fizzle out.
So how do you get PoSs in the telecommunications industry to achieve their goals in the long term without having to keep reigniting the fire with more money, more training or special campaigns?
It’s simple: Turn individual campaigns into a sustainably successful system in which everyone (PoS owners, managers, supervisors, and sales) participates.
It is a system that involves, harmonizes and connects everyone on all levels. Everyone involved knows the goal and how to reach it. Everybody learns what makes them individually successful and motivates them.
In a total of 570 PoSs, we have shown that the system works.

“When everyone participates, sustainability is simple.”