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The unbeatable Company

In a strong company, everyone involved pulls together and marches united in one direction. Common goals and visions make the company unbeatable in the long term and absolutely resistant to competition.

What does this mean in reverse? Companies are weakened if not everyone pulls together. If it is not clear to each individual what the goal is and how they themselves can contribute to achieving it.

Clear differentiation from the competition

Increasingly standardized markets today produce competing companies that often resemble each other down to the smallest detail. Setting themselves apart from the competition is becoming a major challenge for companies: As soon as one player gains a small lead, the others follow suit in a matter of weeks. The result is a perpetual race in which no one stands out noticeably from the field and no one ever wins.

The reason for this lies in the companies themselves:

– You rely on quick, superficial measures instead of actual change.
– Measures are initiated by management but not implemented on a day-to-day basis.
– Concepts are created and much is tried out, but little is implemented in the long term.
– Companies rush into gathering know-how without knowing what they actually want to achieve.

Conlivery®: Developed from practice with science

This is exactly where Conlivery® comes in: Conlivery® is not a selective training program, but looks at the company as a whole. The word is a combination of the two terms “consulting” and “delivery”. It stands for precise analysis, practical consulting and reliable delivery of results in real time. Conlivery® looks at the individual success factors of companies. These include sales processes and concepts as well as digitalization, sales channels, sales teams, leadership and management culture. All factors are brought together in a coherent strategy:
Definition: What are our goals?
Relevance: Why do we want to achieve these goals?
Usability: How do we achieve these goals and which departments need to be involved?
Planning: What do we need to do to achieve the goals?
Implementation: How do we need to do it?
What sounds simple forms the basis for an unbeatable company: Clearly defined goals that everyone wants to achieve together. In the process, the changes must be carried out by management and carried across all hierarchical levels.

means: Asking the right questions

Where are we going and where do we start? What do we have to do? How do we do it? 
These central questions form the basis for a uniform, cross-departmental concept. This in turn provides the answers to all further questions:
How do we make our company more attractive for employees and customers?
How do we give our company a distinctive image?
Which processes and structures do we have to rethink?
How do we ensure continuous corporate growth?
What do we want to change to create real added value for our customers?
How can we permanently beat the competition?
What inviolable rules do we have to overturn?
What steps can we take to help people keep up with technical innovations?

Conlivery® means: Delivering

Moving from theory to practice: We don’t just tell, we deliver! Numerous success stories from our customers prove the effectiveness of the Conlivery® method.

Conlivery®: Rapid success with a long-term effect

A company is nothing without sales. And sales are nothing without the company. Many factors play a role so that the individual departments can agree and work together. Conlivery® leads all participants towards a clear agreement regarding the company’s goal and each person’s individual contribution in the process. This occurs when silo mindsets disappear and everyone pulls together:
Rapid implementation in the groups concerned
High acceptance at all organizational levels
A sense of purpose for the entire company
Personal responsibility and individual commitment instead of delegating responsibility
Quick sense of achievement for the entire company – with long-term effects
Implementation of a system that guarantees sustainability
Raising the average performance of individual units
Agile adaptation to changing business objectives
No more endless programs, but instead: clarity, speed, measurability
Tailor-made support of the departments to achieve goals
Comprehensible corporate development with clear requirements – instead of wasting company resources on excessive consulting services and overly-complex concepts