Leadership development
Custom Excerpt

Leadership that leads to results.

In any company, only one question ultimately matters: “How do we get what we’re up to on the road quickly and without friction?” To do this, you need to bring along those who are responsible for implementation: the managers. That’s exactly what we accomplish together in our trainings!
How do we get our managers to implement corporate goals?
How do we turn control into clear targeting and support?
What framework conditions do we have to create?
How do leaders give their teams momentum instead of managing them?
How do we accelerate progress in employee development?
How do we take into account the individuality of managers?

What our customers say afterwards:


Since the sales measure with Sickel & Team, our key account managers have been working even more purposefully and approaching customer projects more concretely. We have real momentum in the team. That’s how training turns into sales.

The sales development measure was an eye-opener for us, to say the least. Since then, we have been putting our energy into the right activities and have already been able to achieve measurable success.

I work as a manager with several team leaders, all of whom have personal responsibility. Since we have been using the Sickel system, we have been working more efficiently, exchanging ideas much more and not losing the overview even in pressure situations.

This is what distinguishes our method:

Challenging, understandable development programs instead of theoretical management models.
Giving meaning and promoting intrinsic motivation.
Practical expertise that can easily be implemented.
Immediately measurable results in the regions and among sales teams.
Agile adaptation to changing business objectives.
Coaching and support of the executives over several months.
Tailor-made support for managers according to their individual requirements.
Trust in the team through clear and transparent communication.
High acceptance among all levels of the organizational structure.
Raising the average performance of the sales teams.
A quick sense of achievement for each individual – with long-term effects.
Independent continuation by the management.

Our leadership training

Each of our trainings is individually tailored to you and your team. Possible contents for your training include:
Communicate sales goals and know, be able to and apply motivational strategies
Conduct employee appraisals to improve the sales approach and employee management both quantitatively and qualitatively
Develop a concrete portfolio of measures for the further development of all sales and management levels
Targeted readjustment in the event of underperformance of the team
Ensure sustainability and store documentation
Control team leader
Optimize internal workflows and processes so that they contribute to the achievement of objectives