Our Success
Extract of work samples from different industries
Goal: Develop from a product to a solution provider

• Holistic view of the sales process
• Buying center analysis, in-house at the customer’s premises
• Create individual customer action plans for individual sales projects
• Simple, practical approach

Result: In some cases tripling of sales to existing customers
Eye Care/Opthamology
Goal: Develop the company into the “preferred address” among customers

• Planning and implementing a training and coaching program over several years
• Training and coaching throughout the consulting process
• Creation of a “consulting primer” to guide implementation
• Coordination/integration of managers

Result: Increase in customer satisfaction from 5 to 8 points
Target: Increase new contracts by 25%

• Management “buy-in”
• “Commitment Day” for management and sales
• Coaching of the sales team
• Pit stops to ensure results and sustainability

Result: 86% of the sales team achieved the goal of a 25% increase in new contracts, measured over 6 months
Banking Solutions
Goal: Increase market share for services and solutions, develop into a solution provider (from the customer’s perspective)

• Focus on solution sales
• Training in sales and service
• Program extended to all new hires in sales
• Coaching training for management
• Integrating the concepts into the existing CRM landscape

Result: Increase of solution sales by €100 million in only one region, year on year
Energy supplier
Goal: Increase customer recovery rate, outbound telephone services

• Benefit from the contractual framework conditions
• Change of attitude: wanting to fight for the customer
• Introducing a motivating target-setting system
• Understanding the purchase motives of customers better and developing respective sales arguments

• Increase of customer recovery rate by 50%, long-term
• High sales motivation through transparent targets
• Increased customer satisfaction thanks to more personal customer contact
• Enhanced motivation through more authentic customer contact and target achievement
Crane Engineering
Goal: Win more sales projects against low-cost suppliers, resource management

• Resource optimization through well-founded GO/NO GO decisions
• Development of a company-specific program
• Training of all sales managers as change agents
• Germany-wide implementation of workshops
• Integration into existing CRM software

Result: 23% fewer offers, 14% more secured projects
Information and communication technology
Objective: Developing and implementing the staff qualification measure “Excellence in Consulting”

• Concept development coordinated with a specialized trainer
• Immediate implementation of the technical contents in various sales and consulting situations
• Integration of managers
• Integration of managers in the project

Customer rating: “One of, if not THE most successful seminar series our company has ever held.”
Dental materials
Goal: Training the new sales team with a very diverging degree of previous knowledge – and integrating the “old hands” in the company

• Sales and product training in parallel
• Traditional sales training
• Field training
• Leadership training

Customer evaluation: “Mr. Sickel and his team have actually managed to form a winning sales team from a highly diverse group employees.”
Sales manager, in-house staff
What inspires our clients
Measured over 3–6 months
Increase in customers of IT services
Take rate Telesales
Sales in telecommunications, electronics market
measured over 6-12 months
Bathroom/kitchen orders in DIY sector
Sale of solutions compared with previous year, banking automation
Sales in dermatology, pharmaceuticals
Telecom Handel attended one day of Sickel-Team’s Vodafone Sales Academy and reported in detail about our training at Vodafone. The Handelsblatt also covered our sales training and successful sales concepts…
Extract of our customers
  • Food & Beverage
  • supercenters / megastores
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Advertising agencies
  • Gourmet food
  • Cosmetics
  • Printing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical technology
  • Bank automation
  • Heating & Sanitation
  • Dental materials
  • Aviation
  • Software
  • Car trade
  • Telecommunications
  • Facility management
  • Foundations
  • Digital Services Company
  • Automotive
  • Breweries
  • Fashion
  • Furniture industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Microelectronics
  • Publishers
  • Leisure industry
Vodafone Sales Academy
Together with Vodafone, we designed and founded the Vodafone Sales Academy – a true success story! Our team of trainers has been continuing to build on this success story for many years, with more than 4,200 participants graduating per year and being launched onto the fast track in sales.
Erfolge Vodafone Sales Academy

We will take you to the top!

Always new challenges with different customers is your daily business. For you this means exciting tasks with high standards and great opportunities. We will make you fit for these challenges – professionally and personally.

The ability to convince people runs through our lives like a red thread. It determines, how successful we are. In four consecutive training modules you will experience how easy it is to sell more. Among other things, you will learn to communicate even more successfully, to motivate yourself, to develop more attraction and to be convincing.

Create Contracts digitally

Vodafone Management honors Projektteam with „Well Done!“ Award.

Framework agreements for business customers are now ready within one day. Employees and external partners have received the Well Done! award from the Vodafone management for the outstanding team effort in implementing the project. With the new price configurator, the sales department can digitally create mobile phone framework contracts and send them immediately by e-mail. The release is done electronically. By comparison, internal processing previously took an average of more than 30 working days.

Within the framework of the project, the Sickel team designed and implemented an extensive webinar series as virtual live training. In a very short time the new pricing configurator was successfully introduced to more than 500 sales employees. The webinars have decisively contributed to the acceptance and sustainable use of the system and new processes in sales. The “Well done!” Award was created by the management of Vodafone Germany as an award for outstanding team performance. The ExCo awards it once a month and thus honours project teams that have achieved a particular success.

Seminar evaluation Ø 1,1
(1= best; 6=worst)

recommendation rate of 99,80 %
(Net promoter Score)

3,000 participants p.a. over 3 1/2 years
Branch: ophthalmic optics

Top Trainings Award
Founder of Vodafone Sales Academy
Well done Award Vodafone