Not only do we love selling – we also know how to sell! Everyone in our team has a proven track record exclusively in sales. We have understood and put into practice the essence and simplicity of successful sales and know the important role that positive interaction with people plays. This is why what we do is always


Our approach leads to long-lasting positive business results and boosts employee motivation.

Only clear goals lead to success!

Christian Sickel

Managing Director

Christian Sickel

Christian Sickel is at the top of the list of outstanding independent sales consultants. Well-known national and international clients trust his expertise and infallible insights. His creative approach to sales is one of a kind.

As a successful businessman and best-selling author, Christian Sickel knows what he is talking about. He has experienced everything there is to experience in the world of sales, for instance in multinational corporations such as Rank Xerox or Nixdorf. He looks back on 15 award-winning years in sales, always attaining top rankings.

Since 1999 he has helped his clients increase their sales productivity, sales growth and profits longterm. He has an eye for the simplicity of successful sales and knows what steps need to be taken. The results speak for themselves and have surprised many a client.

Andreas Oberländer

Managing Partner

Christian Sickel

Andreas Oberländer has an undefeatable pioneer spirit which has allowed him to develop an outstanding feeling for what his clients need. Breaking away from old ways and seizing new opportunities is his credo. With his clear vision of things he manages to inspire the people he is working with.

Oberländer’s clients greatly profit from one of his most distinctive strengths: his ability to spot and get to the heart of the issues that his clients are struggling with. He acquired this skill through many years in sales in different industry sectors. During these years he perfected his talent of helping different interest groups to work together successfully on projects.

“With Oberländer on board, this project ended up a success after all,” is something you hear many clients say. He has a great reputation and is known for his skill to develop structured steps toward change. He makes sure everyone gets on board and delivers what they promised. In 2008 Andreas Oberländer joined Christian Sickel as Managing Partner and we are really happy about this.

Our 25 team members

have a proven track record in sales and are greatly valued by our clients and their employees. All of our team members have grasped the simplicity of succussful sales and can bring the concept across well in training courses and Hands on Coaching® sessions.


Our expertise

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  • Superstores
  • Specialised trade
  • Consulting
  • Ad agencies
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  • Cosmetics
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  • Bank automation
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