Sell more

Hands On Sales System

3 steps that lead to success

Clarify your goals

Management outlines specific quantitative and qualitative goals. Sickel & Team analyse the sales approach and corresponding sales processes and evaluate the feasibility.

Target your goals

Involve operational management, adapt goals to the area of sales. Implement a control mechanism to target goals.

Realise your goals

Enable sales staff to identify with the goals and empower them to reach their respective goals.

We developed the Hands on Sales System® to support businesses in realising their goals. We focus on the following two goals:

  1. Quantitative goals (sales, profit, profitability)
  2. Qualitative goals (strengthening market position, long-term stability, independence)

As seasoned experts we know which simple but effective steps allow businesses to reach their goals. The Hands on Sales System® harmonises business goals and operative management with sales and marketing.

This system allows businesses to see clearly what employees need to be focusing on. And employees in turn can see their specific tasks more clearly, which boosts motivation for their work. This makes a business even more attractive, for both employees and customers. The system is straightforward – based largely on industry experience and common sense – which is why it is so successful.


Measuring success

Our goal “dashboard” ensures the communication of goals on all levels, as well as sustainability. The teamwork concept opens up a new dimension for your sales team and makes for healthy competition.

  • High levels of motivation thanks to visualising goals
  • More commitment in the sales team thanks to individual goals
  • More success in targeting sales results
  • Goal-oriented management of marketing measures & activities
  • Central oversight of overall goal achievement
  • Increased customer retention thanks to higher motivation in sales team
  • Individual measures to achieve goals
  • Making use of the playful effect of smartphones, iPads, etc. Administration
  • Profile and user groups (who sees what)
  • Setting up and managing sales teams
  • Defining and assigning goals
  • Individual configuration options


Results retail


boost in sales


more sales


rise in conversions


cross-selling rate increase

Results B2B

Selling solutions

Selling solutions increased by EUR 100 million year-on-year

Customer acquisition

15% increase of new customers


German OPCO is No. 1 Europe-wide

Customer perception

Significant change concerning sales staff behaviour: Moving from a classic sales rep to a sales rep who offers advice